Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Well, There Goes That Plan

I'm horrible at remembering birthdays. Like, most men do better at remembering anniversaries of their grandparents than I do at remembering birthdays of close friends and family. Luckily for me, I have a cheat.

Of the birthdays I NEED to remember... they go like this:

Husband: May 12
Surrogate Child: May 13
My Child: Februray 14
My Child: January 15

See the pattern? 12,13,14,15?

So, I've been hoping all along that the twins would be born on January 11 or 16. Selfishly, just to make things easier on me. I had a strong gut feeling about the 11th.

I also know that I have ridiculously long labors. It's not an afternoon event, it's a multi day spectacular, folks.

So here we are, January 10. Not in labor. So my gut feeling was wrong. Unless my body throws everything I know about labor out the window, and I mean, it's twins, so anything is possible right?, these cubs won't be here on the 11th.


  1. still time for 16th lovely xxx

  2. MLK day would be perfect. Kids are off school and everything :)

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