Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Twins Diet & Why I'm Failing at It

26 weeks
A while back I posted on the special twins diet that the specialists asked me to keep. It really excited me because, mainly, they gave me free range to eat way, way more than I normally would. Which is awesome, because I like to eat. Like, I really like to eat.

Here's a link to that original post: The Twins Diet.

A big part of the nutrition plan included gaining the mass of my weight in the first and second trimesters, with 20 pounds in 20 weeks a milestone goal. An overall goal of 40-50 pounds of gain. Well, we're in the 3rd trimester now... How have I done?

Spoiler Alert: I've failed miserably.

By my doctor's scales I'm up 19 or 20 pounds... but that's with shoes and clothes that vary in weight from week to week. By my home scale, done at the same time of day and nude (Sexy...), I'm up 14 pounds.

At 26.5 weeks. 

With twins. 

First of all- let's get this out there- the twins looks great. 
They're large for their gestational age, they're growing like weeds, they're so healthy that the "twins team" specialists are a bit baffled on what advice to give me from week to week (which, incidentally, is really fun to watch). 
So, no one is even a bit concerned at my slow gain. It's a non issue at this point. 

But this leads me to what I really want to talk about; the absolute  biggest surprise of this twins pregnancy.

I expected to be ravenous at all times when I learned we were carrying twins. I expected to want to eat the children. I thought I'd have an unquenchable hunger that turned me into something of a cross between Godzilla and the Cookie Monster.

14 Weeks
I was so, so wrong. 

I'm told that the twins are sitting near my stomach... compressing it. That leads to a lack of hunger signals being sent to my brain, and my never, ever feeling "hungry." I'll be honest, I have timers set on my phone to remind me to eat. Because otherwise, frankly, I'd just forget to do it. I'm a mom. A working mom. I'm busy. Don't flame me.  

When I do eat, quite honestly, a cracker could "fill me up." But, obviously, I'm not having a cracker for a meal. I'm still eating balanced, healthy meals. It's just a new experience. I have to put a lot of actual thought into portion size and nutrient density.

It's an interesting feeling. Normally, you get hungry and eat to content. Sometimes you even overeat to contentment. But I can't do that. The fact that I feel content at the start of a meal, means it's sometimes hard to know when to stop. When you're never hungry, you're also never "full." 

26.5 Weeks
I don't know when I'm approaching "too full" until I've sailed right on past it. I overate last week. It was the worst feeling ever. The most pain I've experienced in this pregnancy. I can not do that again. 

So, here I am, with less gain than any of my three pregnancies at this gestational age, and there are TWO babies in there! I actually feel like I look better, healthier, now than I did a trimester or two ago.

So yeah, I've failed miserably at that 3,500 calorie per day goal. But, so long as those babies look great and continue to measure large and grow like weeds... the doctors and I are leaning towards the, "If it ain't broke..." method. 

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  1. You're looking beautiful! Keep doing what is working and keeping the 3'of you
    Love you