Sunday, October 30, 2016

Where Has Mandy Been?

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve taken the time to write.
If we’re being honest, there are about a million things I should be doing right now other than blogging.

But, therein lies the subject matter for this blog.

The twins difference; 2nd trimester.

Hello, Viability! 
In general, I’m still waiting to feel as though this pregnancy is different than a singleton pregnancy. Because, for the most part, things are pretty familiar.  The babies are moving, my belly is growing, and I’m told I’m glowing. I’ve officially resumed my 2nd trimester cola craving. It’s getting hard to shave my legs. All normal stuff. The only real surprise is my total absence of appetite. I’ll try to blog about that soon.

While the actual pregnancy is not much different from my single pregnancies, everything surrounding the twin pregnancy could not be more different. At this point in a singles pregnancy you average 1 doctor appointment a month. You’ve had maybe 2 ultrasounds. But this isn’t a single pregnancy.

With twins I average a doctor’s appointment once every 10 days. And we’re only going to be increasing the regularity of these appointments over the next several weeks. Each appointment includes an ultrasound; but not the ultrasounds that lead to cute little profile photos of the baby. 

We’re looking internally at the length and strength of my cervix. We’re measuring amniotic fluid. We’re checking blood flow to the placenta. All very important, but not very photogenic things to be seeing.

The good news is- we’re blessed. 

Very blessed. The babies are measuring big for their age, which is a great sign. At my last appointment baby a (the girl) was just under 2 pounds, and baby b (the boy), was measuring just over 2 pounds. My cervix remains long and strong. I’m told that, at this gestational age, a dream would be a length of 3cm with no reaction to pressure. We’re currently measuring 4.0cm and have no reaction to pressure. Looks like my trusty steel trap cervix is unphased by twins.

Additionally, the amniotic fluid levels look great and my blood pressure and weight gain both remain low. It’s kind of the perfect storm for an ideal twin pregnancy.

The bad news is- I’m exhausted. 

My two girls are both in school, one in 1st grade and the other in a co-operative preschool wherin I
have to spend at least one day per week in class as a teacher’s aide. While not generally a hassle to coordinate, this does take a lot of logistical forethought and planning to pull off. On top of that, both girls are in two extra-curricular activities per week after school. Add to all of this Chris’s work schedule, my newly expanded work schedule, general life stuff, and all those aforementioned doctor’s appointments; and our calendars are about as busy as Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve.

But, Life is Good. I'm Happy. We are well. 

When I’m NOT on the run, I’ve been enjoying placing Belly-Buds on my tummy and allowing the cubs to hear their mother. This awesome technology allows the IM to record herself reading a book or singing a song, and then send it to me as a WAV file. I then place the buds, which act as pre-natal headphones, on my belly and press play. I can’t hear what she’s saying, which I kind of like as I don’t feel like I’m invading their privacy. Pretty cool stuff.

We’ve also reached the point of viability, hooray! I can’t believe we’ve only got 12 weeks left. #wow

So, I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging more. When I do get free time, I kind of prefer to sleep. Which I may go do now… after I fold a load of laundry. 

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