Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Difference with Twins: Part 1

Can you believe we're 2/3rds of the way through the first trimester already? I must have slept through that fact. Just 4 weeks to go!

Lots of people have already started asking me if I notice a big difference in my singleton pregnancies and the twins. The answer is yes and no. It's pretty much the same experiences, but everything is just kind of "turned up."

Or, in the case of heartburn, "turned on" for the first time. Most days the heartburn doesn't bug me anymore. I've been told that this is not likely because it's stopped being a problem. More likely that I've just gained a tolerance to it. I will say though, on the days that the heartburn is bad, it's B-A-D.

Chris says I'm not any more tired that I was with my previous three pregnancies. I'd argue it with him, but I'm just too tired.

The biggest "difference" I've noticed thus far is in my waistline. For comparison sake, here's a photo of me at 8 weeks with the twins (left) and...  13 weeks with E(right).

See what I mean? I'll be fair. I'm fatter at conception this time than I was with E. But, at 8 weeks, I'm already feeling uncomfortable in my jeans. It's time for more yoga pants... and maternity band pants aren't far off. I have real self esteem issues with that. But, 4th pregnancy. 2 babies. Cest la vie. 

OK, Time for another nap.

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