Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome Home, Little Joey

I am so excited to make this very special announcement!

This October, a little more than 3 months from now, The Emerald City will play host to my adoring first surrogate family.

For the first time since that tearful goodbye more than 2 years ago, M, T, and my Ellie Belly will be coming back to Seattle for a visit.

And now. 
This is super exciting for so many reasons. Of course I am excited to visit with them again. I'm excited for it to be in my own hometown. I'm excited that E is old enough now to really PLAY with my girls. Her "Womb-mates" as the guys call them.

I may be romanticizing this just a bit, but the idea of sipping coffee with Mike and Traff while the girls run and play together, making their own memories and bonds, just gives me goosebumps.

Surrogacy. It's really something special, isn't it?

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