Thursday, June 2, 2016

Playing with my Pee V 2.0

A couple of years ago I penned a post about my urine. Specifically, how I had been breaking all of the rules and taking home pregnancy test in anticipation of my up coming Beta (blood pregnancy test).

Well, folks... some things never change.

I'm still breaking the rules, and still peeing on every pregnancy test I can get my hands on.

They're positive.
Like, waaaaaaaaaaaaay positive.

So positive in fact, that yesterday the scent of a banana (a scent I generally love) made me gag. Then, I cried over it. Briefly following the tears, I laughed at how obnoxious my tears had been. A banana, folks. I cried over a banana.

In my post from two years ago I talk about how it's impossible to get a positive result before day 5, so I waited until then to start testing. This time however, I tested earlier. Here's why.

With each of my conceptions I have had "implantation bleeding." It's very, very light spotting that occurs when an embryo buries itself into the blood rich uterine lining. It's always been my first no fail sign that I was pregnant.

While in L.A. for transfer, I did notice some spotting the day of transfer. That's normal and usually caused by the transfer itself. So I ignored it. It cleared up. But then, a day later... WHAM-O. Implantation bleeding.

So, I took my first test on... ahem... uh... day 2 after transfer.

And guess what... I swear there was a ghost shadow line there.
I got my first "squinter" on day 3... and my first blazing obvious yes on day 4.
With Eleanor I got my first hint of  a shadow on day 5, my first squinter on day 6, my first blazing obvious on day 8.

This leads me to the question on everyone's lips, "Is it twins?"

Well, less of a question and more of an assertion from the peanut gallery this time, as most of you are telling me, "Oh! It's twins!"

So, nuts and bolts. Do I think it's twins? Probably not. We transferred a boy and a girl embryo and, if you've been paying attention, you know that my uterus prefers girls. My husband is kind of a numbers guy and has calculated the odds of my conceiving as many girls in a row as I have. It's 6% probability. So, given that, I think that my body is unlikely to switch gears now and accept a male embryo.

BUT... if it has accepted the male, then I do believe it's twins. No way my body is saying, "no thank you," to a female embryo.

So tomorrow is our beta.
I'm super excited to see what that number is. The test shows how high my hormone levels are, in essence, how pregnant I am. And, for me, how much irrational hormonal crying over bananas I can get away with.

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