Thursday, June 9, 2016

First Trimester Woes

I love being pregnant. I do pregnancy well. It's why I became a surrogate.

I don't get morning sickness. I've never had gestational diabetes. Heartburn is something other women complain about, but not me. Sure I get tired a bit more easily, but not enough to change my lifestyle. Typically, at about 37 weeks pregnant when I start to feel "done" I'm still getting complimented. My friend Aleisha once told me, "You look better than anyone has a right to at 38 weeks pregnant."

Even this morning a friend asked me how I'm feeling and said, "Just fine! Except the heartburn, but really, I'm great!"

I'm not lying. Not really. Most of the time I am feeling pretty great. But this morning? Here I sit, exactly 5 weeks pregnant, with the "yuck bucket" on my bedside table, my half empty shaker of tums at arm's reach, and at 9 am, already contemplating a nap.

First of all, let me just say, I'm not complaining. Not really. I know the "side effects" of pregnancy. I know why I'm feeling this way, and, deep down, I promise I'm actually happy to be feeling crummy today. It's a good sign. I signed up for this and I don't regret my choices to pursue my 4th pregnancy. Someday there may be a 5th. We'll see.

Every pregnancy is different. Adelia was dramatic. Emrys was a spaz. Eleanor was particular. This pregnancy, this kid, is just extreme. Perhaps a drama queen cooking in there. Or... yes... as many of you keep insisting, perhaps I'm finally carrying twins. Maybe my 30 year old body is a bit more... finicky... than my 20 year body was.

T- minus 7 weeks until the first trimester is over.
But, if history and past behavior is any indicator, I'll have this kiddo and her dramatic nature whipped into shape before then. :)

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