Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cravings at 2 WEEKS PREGNANT?

So, if you've been following along, you know that surrogates are technically pregnant before IVF transfer. If you haven't been following along, here's a link to a nice little article that explains it.

Also, I'm on all the hormones that a body produces while pregnant. This is also part of the IVF process. Surrogates inject ourselves with, or take orally, hormones way before the embryo transfer in hopes of faking our bodies into thinking they are already with child. This is done in hopes that, when we do transfer the embryo, it takes and grows seamlessly. Here's a link to an article about THAT.

So as I sit here and type, even though the embryo that will eventually be my belly buddy is still frozen in a tank, I am technically 2 weeks pregnant.

As I learned with the last cycle, these hormones indeed do fake pregnancy. That explains why, despite my negative pregnancy test, I had pregnancy symptoms last time. Sore breasts, insane aversion to the smell of BBQ sauce, and even nausea.

Maybe, just maybe, that explains last night's unquenchable desire for deep fried pita and garlic roasted humus from George's Greek in West Hollywood. Chris and I had it delivered last time we were in California, and you'd better believe it's on my to do list for next week, too.

So apart from the cravings, what's new with me?

I look pregnant. No kidding. Wish I was.

Sometimes I gain weight with the medical protocol, sometimes I don't. I gained a few pounds in the last (failed) cycle, and I was unable to shed them in the six weeks between cycles. Med weight is always stubborn. I've gained a few pounds in this medical cycle, too. The end result is... I feel massively huge.

I recently had a tank made that says, "Worth the Weight" as I believe surrogacy is. Even if the weight happens before there is ever a baby.

So, I'm craving carbs, have a growing belly, and have noticed my patience with the blondesters is a bit... abbreviated... Yup, I MUST be pregnant.

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