Monday, December 14, 2015

Moving Right Along

Things are really flying at a nice pace over here. It's hard to believe we only met this amazing couple a few weeks ago. Since then Allison and I have been in regular contact via text ,which is so fun! I know it's early to think this, but I just feel like we vibe like girlfriends. I enjoy her cleverness and admire her transparency. I', so excited to make her a mom!

We have our first milestone call today, in just a few hours. We'll talk about our next steps with the help of a GG mediator. So, what are those next steps?

First we'll need to get our surrogacy agreement in order. This process has already begun, and usually take a few weeks to wrap up. I will do a post in the next couple of weeks about surrogacy agreements, and what they entail.

Once we're legally bound to one another, it's baby making time. We already have a timeframe in mind, and I'll share the target date once we're a bit more firm in those plans.

And if all goes well, then we're looking at a big belly and a little baby around the end of 2016 sometime. 


  1. Fantastic News dear niece. More happy people able to be parents because of your compassion and love.
    I'm honored to call you family.
    Real humanity in action.

  2. What about traditional approach and ways of getting pregnant& Personally, I am not in favor of all these modern technologies of maternity - it may lead astray!

    1. Traditional surrogates, women who use their own eggs, do exist and can become pregnant with out full IVF processes.

      However, they will also have a biological link to the child, something that I will not.

      For me, thank link, and all that comes with it, would make surrogacy insurmountable. I am able to do this, easily, because this is in no way "my" child.

      I trust these moderns sciences, and feel strongly that if God didn't intend for us to have them - we would not.