Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Date is Set

We have a date of when we will meet this new couple.
In 6 days.

That's right, on Monday.
Less than a week from today.

It's so fast! But, I really like that. It feels so nice to have a couple as invested in this process as we are. Plus, this surely gives everyone something fun to talk about with family over Thanksgiving this year!

So, what happens at this meeting?
We'll sit down and talk to one another about important surrogacy stuff. Everything from why each party is doing this, to how many embryos I'm willing to carry. We'll discuss my desire to eat the placenta, and they'll share their desires for my dietary behavior as well. We'll laugh, probably cry a bit (always happens), and just get to know each other.

At the close of the meeting some folks go out for coffee or lunch to continue chatting. I could easily see that happening here. At the close of my match meeting with M&T, we went across the street and had a beer. Match made in heaven. ;) 

I want to take a moment to tell these new intended parents that I know our case specialist has shown you this blog. And I am so glad that she has. This gives you a glimpse at who I am, and how I am, in surrogacy. I want you to know this will be a safe space for your story, too- no matter how many or how few details you're comfortable with my sharing.

M&T loved having this blog to share with their families, and they were even able to take an active role in their story by posting here. It's made an incredible story that both preserves our experiences and educates the masses about how beautiful these bonds can be.

The fact that I know you're here, however, does mean that I can't talk about a fun little match gift I may have procured for Monday. For now. ;)

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