Monday, November 23, 2015

Time to Make a Mom

Introducing the New Team.
Time to Make a Mom (and a dad)
As a professional writer, I rarely struggle with words. But as I sit down and start to write about the experiences that were today, I just feel like I’m on a roller coaster. The words are flying a million miles per minute and they seem all scrambled. I suppose that in itself, that is a testament to what a wonderful day today was. So, please bear with me as I try to describe why today was so incredible on so many levels.

The day started with some lovely poolside sunshine. It’s winter in Seattle, which means a nice warm morning with a bright, hot sun is the closest thing to euphoria I can imagine. The vitamin D put me in a sunny mood as it so often does and we were off to the Growing Generations offices to meet this new couple.

Mandy with the Growing Generations LA Team
We arrived early so that I could spend a bit of time catching up with the staff, who happen to be my co-workers and friends as well. I felt so appreciated and like a million bucks as I walked in and was greeted like an old chum and showered with praise. Between my morning sunshine and afternoon affirmation, I was feeling like an Olympic gold medalist by the time we went in to meet this new couple.

And then my day got really good.

I’ve been very tight lipped about this couple- on purpose- on the blog. Until I met them and received permission to talk about why Chris and I are so excited by them, it just wasn’t fair to share their details. But, now we have met them, and I can share with you all.

The couple, Allison & Orin, have given me permission to share their names (and thank GOD for that, because writing out ‘the new couple’ constantly was driving me n-u-t-s) as well as some of the many things the four of us have in common. Things like being the product of an online dating courtship to lovers of the outdoors, good food, and great wine- we have just felt from day 1 that we will vibe well with them as people. 

Professionally we are very similar. Orin is an accomplished classical musician and I often find that musicians just get one another. On top of that, Allison and I share a love of written word. I envision eloquent email exchanges and a total lack of moments where we are left at a loss for words.

The match meeting itself went well. 

Very well. 

I say that because the moderator needed to speak very little. The conversation was naturally flowing between the parties and that is always a good sign. They’re totally fine with my consuming the placenta (yum!) and are seemingly as passionate about breastmilk as I am.
Our match gift to Allison & Orin
Cheese board & Wine
Custom label reads:
" ---&Storer
Sometimes the Perfect Pairing
Changes Everything"

After the meeting ended we all walked across the street to a restaurant where we learned that we share more in common. 3 out of 4 of us ordered the burger and I learned that, like me, Orin does not accept well-done meat. 

He became the only person that I do not share blood with that I’ve watched order a burger medium-rare even after being told that burgers are only served medium or higher. I liked this, for many reasons.

Not only do I not have to worry about those disgusted, confused glares I often get when ordering a steak rare in mixed company, this simple act showed me that this is a person who stands up for himself and what he wants despite opposition. It would have been far easier to accept more well done meat in the face of potentially not ruffling the feathers of a new acquaintance, but he chose to assert himself (in a polite manner) and stand up for what he wanted. Sound like anyone else you know? This one of the things I like most about my own personality, and find so incredibly admirable in others.

We also somehow wound up with an assortment of free desserts. That was spectacular. Good day to be me.

After lunch we strolled LACMA, the tar pits, and the surrounding area. For 4 people who just met and in a situation poised for the potential of lots of awkward silences, there really were none. We talked easily, laughed even more easily, continued to find similarities, and simply bonded. We even lost track of time, and after spending nearly 6 hours chatting, found ourselves in an outright rush to grab an Uber and make it to the airport in time for our flight.

I am so thrilled to have been matched with this incredible couple. We are seeking the same things in surrogacy and I feel, with great certainty, that this is the start of another beautiful relationship. This pairing has all of the ingredients to bake a beautiful cake, and I just can NOT wait to make this fun, open hearted, loving, kind, compassionate, smart couple a family.

Made by Mandy, Version 2.0, now in full effect. 
This time with ingredients supplied by Allison & Orin 


  1. Congratulations to you all. Thrilled you have found a great match. Fiona H

  2. he works in mysterious ways what a wonderful day so happy for you all sounds like a baby will have mom and dads traits from the start. love you thanks for the link to keep us in touch

  3. Congrats to everyone. To be able to make a family is beautiful for everyone.. May you truly enjoy this wonderful endeavor.
    Aunt Pepper