Monday, November 16, 2015

The Verdict is In

What's the old saying, "A watched pot never boils"?

That's typically how results day goes in surrogacy. I knew I'd have an answer today, so I was mentally prepared to receive it around 530pm or so. Just to keep my excitement in check.

So when my phone rang at 9:13 am, and the voice on the other end started with, "I was hoping to get you on the phone for this..." I thought, surely, the couple must have not liked me. It's always better to be broken up with over the phone than over Email, right?

Well, after a tense 10-12 seconds of bated breath, it turns out the news is good! Very good, actually.

This couple eagerly accepted Chris and I, apparently in a matter of hours (as opposed to days) along with the comment of, "As if we'd need a deadline for this decision."

It feels so incredible when you tell someone who you are and they react so positively. When you admit you're a bit of an "over the top sarcastic" type and fess up to being a "bit" stubborn, and they say, "SIGN US UP!"

This couple is excited to move forward aggressively, so it looks like it's full steam ahead to a match meeting. I'll share details about that as I know them.

I'm feeling very excited, very wanted, and super hopeful that we'll move forward with purpose. It's thrilling. <3

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