Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Answer is No

No. I don't have any news to share yet.
No. I don't know when I will.
No. They have not yet seen my profile.

So here's the dealio- Before the couple Chris and I have accepted can have an opportunity to accept or reject my profile, their IVF doctor has to approve me for a surrogate. Typically this step doesn't happen, as typically, a surrogate has just been granted her medical screening before GG starts trying to match her. But, I never do things the easy way, now do I?

At current my medical records are with a different IVF doctor, the one the previous IPs had planned to use. So, first we needed to request that he release my records back to GG. That takes a few days.

Then, we needed to send the records to the new IVF doctor and wait for his approval. That takes a few days.

Then, the doctor wants to see more of my records. So we send them, and wait a few more days.

That's where we are right now. Growing Generations is on top of things as usual and working hard to get things going. I am so thankful for that. In fact, my admissions specialist told me yesterday, "I'm giving him until Wednesday. Then I'll have the IPs call him directly." I like her style.

So hang tight friends, I'm hoping to have news for you by the weekend.

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