Friday, November 13, 2015

On The Clock

News for you!
In the words of Pinkie Pie:

(That means nervous and excited at the same time)

Just got word that were officially "On the Clock." This means that the new couple, the one we felt the puzzle piece lock with, has our profile. Very likely, they're reading it and looking at photos of my family as I write this. High probability they'll Google me tonight (we all do it) and good chance they'll find and read this post, too.

So, in that case, let me just say:

When I think back and try and put quantitative reasons on why things went so incredibly well with M&T, I think one of the biggest reasons was that we were alike as people. Even before we met it was obvious we shared interests and a close enough professional background that we knew we'd have things in common. It felt like we already knew each other and that we'd hit it off easily.

I feel that way with this couple, too. The more I Googled them (we all do it) the more I felt it.  I really hope they like us, because I'm so excited to just get together with them and talk.

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