Thursday, November 19, 2015

Managing Logistics

I am so excited for Monday. But, getting there takes a bit of logistical juggling. Lots of balls in the air. Here's what's up.
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Chris and I are lucky enough to be attending the Seahawks last chance at a victory this season game on Sunday. We've had these plans for a long time. We've arranged for the girls to hang out with our good friend and her kids for the day. We are really excited for this.

Then we got the opportunity to meet this new couple and jumped on it. But, it means we need to fly out of Seattle Sunday evening, right after the game ends. Like, leave from the game for the airport.  So, we asked another very trusted friend to keep the girls for us, and help with getting Adelia to and from school on Monday.

So, the Blondester's schedule for the weekend looks a bit like this.
Sunday morning- off to a friends house
Sunday evening- to a different friends house
Monday evening- transported from friends house to their house- after bedtime
Tuesday morning- oh look, mom! You're home!

Here's our schedule
Sunday morning- tailgate party! wahoo
Sunday noon- game. Don't screw it up Hawks
Sunday evening- flight to LA
Monday morning- mint tea with honey to try and recuperate my unavoidable laryngitis from the game.
Monday noon- Match meeting
Monday night- flight home.

So, whose ready to juggle?

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