Saturday, October 31, 2015

Like a Puzzle Piece

Moving forward Chris and I both felt excited to find a different family to help. But, if we're being honest, I was also a bit nervous. Just like anyone feels after a failed relationship, I was worried about being hurt again.

 Now, let me tell you a bit about my matching history. I'm picky. Very, very picky. I've been turned down once, and I've turned down a handful of people myself. I feel like being picky in the matching phase and taking your time leads to a better relationship over the course of the surrogacy. So, I'm picky.

So when, on Friday afternoon, we received a profile to consider- I wasn't expecting too much. I've never taken the first one I've received and, as I mentioned, I was still a bit guarded.

But then we read it.
At the bottom of their profile I looked up from my laptop and said just two words in a near whisper, "They're perfect."

In that moment, something happened that hadn't happened for us in surrogacy since we received M&T's profile nearly 3 years ago. We felt that effortless lock. That instant approval that feels like when you put two corresponding puzzle pieces together. That fit that just gives you peace and says, "We're going to be easy friends. This is going to work."

And, spoiler alert, it's an intended mother. We're back to making a mom. Something I thought wasn't going to ever be a good fit for me. I had decided my place in surrogacy was to help gay men. But then I got this profile, and there is just no arguing with that "lock" feeling.

We were given the weekend to consider them, and we really tried to take at least 24 hours. But we just couldn't. We knew right away, and at 19 hours after receiving their information, we couldn't wait any longer. We said yes.

Now we wait to see if they like us, too. To see if they feel that lock.

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