Thursday, June 11, 2015

Born to Gestate

Great news,everyone! My uterus is still smooth, thick, bloodrich, and otherwise perfect. Here's a wrap up of my visit with Dr. Ghadir, no longer the nasty name I called him before... because really, he's a sweetheart.

I will say that I will miss the HRC experience. I felt a bit like I was in an Urgent Care waiting room as opposed to a high end southern California fertility clinic.

Being sent to the porn pantry...err...specimen sample collection area and then being directed to, "Go down the hall to the right, find the hanging clipboard and sign up for a blood drawl" is just something that wouldn't happen at HRC... In my previous experience I peed in a room without porn, latex gloves, a wrapped chair and TV and then could expect to be personally escorted to a technician ready to draw my blood.

But, aesthetics aside, the doctor was quite nice, the scan went very well.

On the day of my scan I was on day 12 (Yes, 12) of my menstrual bleed, and was shedding that lining like crazy (Read:bleeding like a broken dam). So,by 12 days of blood loss, many of those days the heaviest I've had in quite awhile, I expected to find a huge open cavity (normal) and thin lining (normal) on my scan.

Instead, we found a 6mm lining (ideal transfer is 8mm or above) and a triple stripe (walls of the uterus touching in the middle, no open cavity).  Essentially, my uterus was transfer ready on day 12 of my bleed. This just proves that I'm a fertile Myrtle, and born to gestate. Maybe I should rebrand the blog, "Born to Gestate". What do you think?

So now we're back in a holding pattern wherein I wait for my urine and blood to come back drug free (they will) so that we can schedule our actual match meeting with the new couple.

I'm very eager to meet them, in large part, so I know what all I am allowed to blog about this time. It's always my first priority to respect their privacy wishes, especially as this blog still has a pretty healthy following. I can't wait to tell you all why Chris and I love this couple. But until I get the green light, mums the word.

Until next time, friends!

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