Saturday, May 10, 2014

Third Pregnances are Weird

At least that's what my OB has been telling me since 13 weeks.

Despite her warnings, this pregnancy hasn't really been that different from my own. Apart from the kid not being mine and all, I guess that's a bit different.

Insert exit plan. 
Now we're talking weird. 

Today is that day my eldest was born. And as we're no where near any kind of labor, it is quite clear to me that this will become my longest pregnancy to date. That's weird.

Apparently this little Aussie didn't take my eviction notice very seriously. So I'll try again, maybe there was a language barrier issue.

OK, I mean that in the most loving and joking of ways, I promise. I have come to terms with the induction, because if I didn't do it, I am convinced that she'd never come out. We have a plan for induction that allows us to skip most medical and pharmaceutical intervention, which is all I was after anyway.

My aunt arrived last night to help me with the girls post delivery. Chris has been able to give his work place solid plans since we know when the birth will (hopefully) be. It's all good.

But if there is still any chance... any miracle... that this could happen on it's own. That would be just great.

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