Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Running Joke

Has turned into the fact that even though we have an induction scheduled for 24 hours from right now, we will still be pregnant come Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday.

What's perhaps even funnier is that there is plenty of probability in this running joke. 

If labor and delivery is very full with women whose bodies KNOW how to go into labor on their own tomorrow, as mine clearly no longer does, then I get bumped. From 7 a.m. to 11 4p.m... and ultimately to Tuesday. Considering how eager this little girl has been to evacuate, I'm pretty sure I can guess what she's all up in the womb hoping for. But this time, lass, it's NOT in YOUR control. Take that.

Time's Up, Little Girl 
Also, I could go in tomorrow and get all hooked up and just labor slow... like I do... and not deliver until Tuesday.

I suppose either way you look at  it the end is near folks. It's going to feel so weird to pack my hospital bag the way I'd pack for a vacation, as opposed to packing it like I'm running from the Nazi SS, which is a little bit how it feels when you're packing during spontaneous labor.

I hold on to 0% hope that my body ill do this on her own this time (I did have a few hours of hope yesterday.... ) I am dissapointed and let down by this fact.

But, as another surro told me yesterday, "It took science to get her in there, it's going to take science to get her out."

We've come full circle in that regard, I guess. I found peace in those words, so thank you, Kira. I'm not a failure. I grew a healthy, big, full term baby on my first shot. We've had no complications. I've made a family.

But, I'm not perfect. I'm not getting a 100% on this term paper. And people who know me, know just how wildly insane that drives me. But, it's OK. It'll be OK. Maybe she just wanted to be with her "Tummy Mummy" for her first Mother's Day?

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  1. It definitely will be ok. All you need to do is to calm down. Even though it requires science, it’s also all natural at the same time. It's cool you're comparing labor with a term paper format)) Never thought of it this way. I'm sure you will get an A for this most important project in your entire life.