Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Placenta Wrap Up

So, I did it. I ate raw placenta. And I've given into placenta encapsulation as well. So, what are the benefits of consuming a raw placenta? What are the benefits of placenta encapsulation? Did I vomit? Here's the post you've been waiting for.

First up, here's a link to my previous placenta post. In the post I talk about advertised benefits as well as the factors that lead me to first consider and eventually to commit to eating the placenta. 


When we checked into the hospital I had to let the staff know that I would be taking the placenta. A bit odd really, having to sign release forms in order to be allowed to keep something that is inherently my property. Anyhow, forms signed and nurses notified, I promptly hid the ice bags so that I wouldn't have to think about my culinary choices during labor.

Drinking the Raw Smoothie
Once the baby was born I let the Placenta Prep team know that the goods were on ice and ready to be flayed. Given my 1 a.m. delivery time, we wouldn't be able to have immediate preparation. I wound up sending my raw, bloody birth organ home with my aunt Becky. You're welcome. What an awkward passenger that must have been in the car. My life giving organ spent the night in my home fridge next to the Ranch dressing and hot sauce.

The next day Becky brought the placenta back to the hospital and the prep lady came, blender in tow, to make me lunch.

The first bit, and perhaps the more stomach turning bit, was the raw smoothie. About 1 ounce of raw meat was sliced off of the organ and put into a magic bullet blender along with strawberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt and raspberries. Then, it was bottoms up.

It tasted.... actually quite good. Just like raw strawberries. It was not a sweet smoothie, that's for sure. But it did taste fresh and healthy and totally drinkable. I was on board to do another 2 raw smoothies, but I'd have had to consent to a massive hike in prep price to do this. The alternative was to be given frozen Placenta Filet to blend up myself. And this, my friends, is where my gross out line was crossed. I just couldn't get OK with the idea of putting my own organ into a razor sharp blender and pushing pulse. So, we stopped at just one smoothie.

A day or two later the Placenta team came to my home to bring me my pills. The prep lady handed me the equivalent of a Placenta Report Card and my pills along with a strange compliment. She said, "Your placenta was a thing of beauty. Seriously, it was beautiful." Go on ahead and add this to weird things that I've been complimented on by medical type people. Right up there with a Phlebotomist who once told me I'd make a great Heroin addict. Uh, thanks? Anyhow, I guess I had a particularly high yield. 213 pills. I know a gal who had twins and yielded around 250 tabs without sacrificing organ bits for a smoothie. So I guess I'm proud of my placenta.

The pills are small and go down easy. They're purple in color so it's easy to forget what's inside of the caps.

So, was it worth it? 

I'll say this much... my milk supply is insane. Given that I've never used the breast pump before, I've just nursed directly, this could be a normal supply for me. I'd have no way of knowing. But to me, producing roughly 30 ounces over the past 24 hours at just 3 days post birth is INSANELY good. This is also my easiest and quickest recovery. I'm up and about and not in pain...well, most of the time I'm not in pain. I find I don't need naps as often either. By ay 6 my post birth bleed had stopped. I'm lifting my girls. And I'm far, FAR less weepy than I was with the girls.

And I have to mention the weight loss. 25 pounds in the first week alone. 

Maybe this is because it my 3rd time doing this. Maybe it's because I don't have the stress of a newborn. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the placenta.

Verdict: I recommend. 
Even the smoothie. 
Especially the smoothie.

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  1. I didn't do the smoothie, but I had mine encapsulated. I got a little over 100 pills, tincture and cord keepsake! It has worked wonders for me and I take them during my periods :)