Thursday, May 8, 2014

No Filter

A little story for your Thursday.

I stopped in to a quickie nail place yesterday...I get my big ole pregnant booty propped up into the pedicure chair and hope for a rough foot massage. 
In walks some skinny woman in her mid 40s with bad make up. She stops, literally stops, at my pedicure chair and says:
Oh my GOD. you're really ready to have that baby!! Oh my GOD you're HUGE.
I smile politely and say, "yes, any moment." 
The manicurist looks at me with terror in her eyes like, please lady.. not here...
Skinny blonde goes for her fill... because of COURSE she has fake nails, to match her fake blonde hair and yoga pants. She clearly can't get over my grotesque hugeness... because 5 minutes later she INTERUPTS her nail technician, she seriously stopped work to turn all the way around and say to me, "I mean, wow! How many are in there? ..JUST one? Wow. What a BIG baby."

Thanks, lady. One more time and I'm chucking this top coat at you.


  1. People are so rude. It's a shame she had no tact.
    You showed great restraint.

  2. Omg!!! What is wrong with people! You definitely showed restraint!