Saturday, April 5, 2014

This Is Why I am Weird

I love babies. I love getting pregnant, being pregnant, going into labor and even giving birth. I just love it all.

Makes me kind of an ideal process for this entire surrogacy thing, yeah?

Here's the thing. Most first time moms are terrified of labor, hell I sure was. Most second time (plus) moms dread it. But not me.

So here I sit on most evenings, paying to much attention to my uterus, with each strengthening contraction wondering, "Is this it?!"

Don't get me wrong, going into labor now would be bad, and I don't want that to happen. I'd like to wait for the dads, and that 37 week mark we talked about.

Even so, Ursula the Uterus (what, you don't have a pet name for YOUR uterus?) is getting pretty clutch at these contractions. They're starting to really give cause for attention. But they're still just practice, and I know it.

But then there will be a big one. a long one.. and I think uh oh... and then I fart.

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