Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Performance Anxiety

37 WEEKS!!!
I am officially considered term! This means a few very important things.
#1, I can have this little girl anytime knowing that her family is here to greet her.
#2, Any future journeys I may wish to consider will now be made to declined by the power of my brain and heart, not rules or insurance standards.
#3, I can finally issue the formal eviction of Uterus notice. So, to that level:

Dearest foreign national kicking my left hip, 
It has been my pleasure to house you these past 9 months. I've loved your milk cravings and wiggle dancing. If we're being honest, you've probably been the most polite guest Hotel Ursula Uterus has ever hosted. Even so, your planned visit has come to an end. Please consider this your formal notice to evacuate the premises. You have no more than 18 days to leave your heated, rent controlled apartment before I will be forced to call in reinforcements to assist you in your relocation process.  
The Management. 

Ah, I love eviction notice time.

That said, I have just a few more things to complain talk about before signing out.

Performance Anxiety

37 Weeks! 
Now that the guys are in town I am feeling more pressure to "perform" than ever before. I suspected I might feel it more around transfer and Beta time, as there was pressure on my body to accept the egg and produce high numbers. But the truth is, I feel it more now. They've pressed pause on their lives to fly half way around the world to meet this little girl. And my loving aunt Becky (who is more like a sister than an aunt) is coming out to help with the girls after delivery. She's wanting updates too to make sure she can arrange her flights accordingly. In fact, her preference would be that I go into labor on the 30th. Around noon. Seriously.

While I know that nothing I do or don't do will speed up or slow down the time frame in which I go into labor, I am feeling the pressure to perform. I know  no one expects me to be able to tell them when this baby will be born or to be able to birth her on command... but I'm still feeling it!! It's like flashback to college finals.

Tingly Hands

No one likes a complainer. So I won't dwell on this long. While I had numb hands with Adelia (not with Em) I knew this could happen. Just not so extremely. With Didi it was annoying and novel. This time it's painful and a bit scary. It is constant. It wakes me overnight. It impacts nearly everything I do. I know it goes away  at birth. Which takes me back to my original point.

We made it to 37 weeks, M&T! 
Today is a great one for celebration! :) 
Go team!

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  1. Cute carpal tunnel symptoms not so cute. Take additioal B6. This may be the culprit if swelling not the issue.
    patiently awaiting the birth if this sweet girl.