Friday, April 11, 2014

By The Numbers.

I've never really been a numbers person. Probably a good thing I polarized in the direction of words, as I ultimately became something of a professional writer by trade, and amateur blogger for fun. (You're welcome.)

But try as I may to avoid dealing in numbers, I feel so consumed by them right now. Here are a few playing a major role in my cerebral cortex at the moment.

12,15,22,31,34,53,25,60,112,8, 240.

If those numbers seem random, they're not. I wish I had a witty lottery style joke to insert here, but as I said, My mind is floating in  numbers these days as opposed to wit. Here is why each of these numbers matter to me at the moment.

12.  Number of days till I hit 37 weeks. The EARLIEST possible date at which it is OK to deliver. What this really means is that I will be a nervous wreck for the next 12 days. There have been so many unexpected premature births in our surrogate group as of late. It has me so scared that (for no legitimate reason) I won't be able to keep this baby in for another 12 days. I've never had a preemie. I have no warning signs. But even so, I'm skipping out on this weekend's day hike "Just to be safe."  

15.  Number of days until the dads arrive and I can feel GOOD about delivering. I will do a happy dance for me in 12 days. I will be nothing but smiles in 15 days. Once we're past that critical 37 week mark AND the dads are here, it's all smooth sailing from there on in to port.

15.  Also happening this day is a Spa day with a fellow surrogate. Prenatal massage and customary pre-birth foot peel and pedicure and manicure. Because I actually think people will be looking at my callused feet when I am in stirrups pushing a kid out of my vagina. How rational is THAT?

22. Number of das until I take the dads to Tillicum.  A Four hour tourist experience that I love, and that would be equally terrifying to be in labor during.

31. Max number of days left in this pregnancy. That's all she wrote, folks. Just a solid month to go and then the chapter closes. I can't believe that's all that we have left.

34. Number of days until I take the dads (AND BABY!!) to the coast for a closure trip and to expose them to "Our Coast." If we're being honest, the Washington coast is a big part of why we moved here. And I just can't wait to show the guys why.

53. Number of days until my Anniversary get away. And well deserved, methinks.

25. Number of pounds I need to lose by that day. I usually drop 20 pounds pretty quickly after birth, so this number is totally attainable.

73. Number of days until my Vegas get away with my Surro bestie. I'm not a gambler, but I am so looking forward to sun, cocktails and bonding.

112. Number of days until the BIG family vacation through the Panama Canal. We have been counting down to this for darn near a year. I am *so* excied for this I can't even tell you.

25. Number of additional pounds to have lost by THIS trip. This one will be a stretch. By this point though I hope to be back to marathon training and maintaining a better diet that makes this number possible.
8. Number of minutes it should be taking me to run a mile by this point.

Number of days (give or take) until I am eligible to start this whole crazy process again.

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