Friday, April 25, 2014

I surrender, I SURRENDER

That's IT! I surrender! I would probably make and wave a literal white flag, as opposed to this virtual one, ,if only I could grasp my hands around the pole of one.

I've been dealing with the painful, tingly hands of pregnancy related carpal tunnel for a few weeks now. It started out occasional and mild... and has grown to frequent and debilitating.  But if you know me, you know I am stubborn. I really didn't want to spend the $50-$60 on wrist supports to help the problem, as I know it's going to be going away the day I give birth... which could be any day at this point.

But, I surrender. You win, nasty tingly hands and arms. The pain has been waking me up over night for a few nights now. And tonight Adelia wet the bed, and my pain was so intense I had a hard time removing her soiled bed sheets. Never mind trying to get back to sleep after.

So here I am, awake for my day at 2 AM, ordering wrist splints from Target online, and waving my white flag. See you at 8 am sharp, Target personnel. And to my blanket and pillow.... we have a date for 7 pm sharp this evening.

Disclaimer: I still love late pregnancy. Yes, it's the worst part. It's ugly and frustrating. The odors, the swelling, the "fu#^&! it all" attitude... but I still love it. I love paying too much attention to every twinge, cramp and sensation my body makes. I love trying to guess at baby's birthday. It's like Christmas Eve for me. So while I am cranky about the hands, I'm not an unhappy preggo.

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