Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baby Watch 2014


Now the official baby watch 2014 begins!

I'm feeling so much peace just having them here.  Knowing that they won't miss the birth lets me breath easy. Knowing that she can come anytime and all will be jut fine feels so freeing.

Of course we'd still like for her to make it until Wednesday, our 37 week mark. That's ideal. But it's no longer death con 5 if labor starts earlier than that. And who knows, maybe it will. We're certainly showing some of the (less than pretty) signs of early indication. My hunch is that we'll see her well before her May 14th due date.

I'd share why I think that, but frankly,  this isn't my baby nor my birth story and I don't know where the dads stand on sharing those details so publicly. So for now, just know that all is well on the left coast. We're eagerly awaiting the hour when this little Joey hops out of me and into her daddies arms.

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