Friday, April 4, 2014

19. My New Magic Number

I should start this by saying I have NO reason to believe labor is imminent. None. So stop worrying, dads. ;)

That said... it's something every (very) pregnant woman starts to feel about this time. We are 34w, 2d along. Means that with our chosen induction date we have no more than a potential 38 days left in this pregnancy. But I'm betting we're more like 26-30 days away. Just a hunch.

My personal old wife's tales is telling me we're getting close.

I've gained 30 pounds. 6 in the past two weeks. I've NEVER had a spike like that in three pregnancies. Either way, I gained 32 pounds before Adelia popped, and 28 before Emmy did... so we're at critical mass, I'd say.

My old beloved OB in Ohio told me after Emmy that while he has never seen medical evidence to support his theory, hes seen many women who are either short (guilty) or very thin (errr) carry babies more "to weight than to date."

Considering Adelia was born 4 days early, Emmy 2 weeks early and nearly identical in weight and length, he suspected I would be another of these cases. He was very interested to see how any baby born to me of surrogacy (different genetics) would come out. Then I moved and left his little experiment.

So why is 19 the new magic number? That's the day I hit 37 weeks. That date is considered full term and is a milestone for many reasons. Hitting it allows the door to remain open for future projects for me. It is also medically accepted that the baby is just growing and practicing being alive for those last 3-5 weeks.

So given my weight gain, Im crossing my legs tightly for at least the next 19 days. And laying off the ice cream.

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