Monday, March 31, 2014

So Close, Yet So Far

It is exactly 13,165 kilometres, or 8,181 miles, between Melbourne and Seattle.  At least 20 hours of flying. And it’s never felt so far away as in these last few weeks of our pregnancy.

With just over three weeks before we are scheduled leave, my body has decided to deal with this massive distance by kindly supplying me with a different dream each night, a stark reminder of just how far away we are.  To be clear, I’m not worried about an early arrival – as much as we want to be in the delivery room, at the end of the day, we know that between Mandy and the lovely hospital staff we met back in December, our baby will be in good hands.  But the lack of control is still killing me.

It started a few nights ago, with a dream about Mandy calling in a panic saying she is in labour.  I woke up in a cold sweat.

The next night, I dreamt we received a call from the hospital calling to saying our little girl had arrived, but after calling the airline we found out we weren’t able to get on a flight for an entire week.

Last night’s dream was even more ridiculous. We were told to rush to Seattle and made it as far as LAX, before realising we had left out baby’s suitcase at home.  What’s more, all flights to Seattle were full so after a 16 hour flight, we jumped in a car and drove an additional 17 hours to the hospital in Seattle.

Mandy assures us we’re not even close – baby is still moving, she hasn’t “dropped’ and there have been no other indicators of early labour, so we’re in a good place. But these dreams are really starting to get on my nerves!


  1. Dream number three... The fact that you know the drive time from LAX TO SEA means you've done research into this as a viable backup option....

  2. Early fears of fatherhood. Panic, anticipation, love for someone you haven't seen or held yet. You've got it. Welcome to fatherhood/parenthood.
    Your dreams prove you're ready for your life with your daughter. Now Breathe in breathe and light.
    I love you guys. For being who you are.

    1. Thats my Pepper. Just like me, never had kids, but knows all about them.

    2. Beautiful words Deb. Thank you xx -T