Sunday, March 9, 2014

See You Soon, Chubby Cheeks

One of the most brilliant things about this journey so far has been the very generous gift Chris and Mandy gave us of a series of 3D scans.  We were fortunate to be present for the first one when we visited Seattle in December, and Skyped into the second, 'near-fully cooked' scan today at just over 30 weeks.

I would recommend this for any intended parents, it has really allowed us to start bonding with our daughter by making her seem so real - which isn't always an easy thing when you're not carrying your own child.

We were so excited to see our little girl who we will meet in just a few short weeks, and despite  internet connection issues, we managed to see most of the scan thanks to our super surrogate who multitasked by holding her phone to the screen while her stomach was being poked and prodded. Seriously, what a star!

Please indulge us proud dads to list some highlights:

The cheeks

Those are some chubby cheeks and, sorry baby, I predict much pinching from aunts, uncles and friends. I mean, look at them!

The nose

She has an adorable button nose... we may be biased but it is pretty much perfect and oh so cute.

The hair

I am fascinated they could see hair when there is still 2 months to go, but we saw many, many white strands and seem pretty much guaranteed to have a full head of hair from day one. Now taking bets on the color of said hair.

The snuggling

Since I was a child, I have always slept with the blankets over my head, and I think she will be the same... she had her face squished right up between the placenta and the umbilical cord and seemed to be quite happy there.  Hopefully this also means she enjoys copious cuddling with her dads and extended family as she won't have a choice, at least for the first 14 or so years of her life!

The twerking

This baby knows how to shake her booty and we had a taste of how much she loves dancing. We have already started saving for ballet lessons.
It was quite an emotional feeling to 'meet' our little girl, albeit watching her on a screen, via a phone, on another screen, from the other side of the world.  Although it still feels a little like a dream, this scan made us seem so much closer, and only added to the anticipation of holding her in our arms and pinching those cheeks for real.


  1. So thrilled for you you boys and well done Mandy for baking the perfect bubba xxx

  2. That little cutie is our next little cherrybimble & granddaughter number 3, family excitement is mounting 2 c u sweetie. Mimi & Poppa xo

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