Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gettin' Inked

No, not now. 

But yes, soon. 

I have one tattoo already. A little tramp stamp circa 2003. Or was it 2004? Somewhere in that era. Ah, college.

I've wanted a second bit of ink ever since then. The fall out my first tattoo caused between my grandma and I caused me to put the idea on ice for a decade. It was such a bad situation between my best friend and I that I promised myself I wouldn't even consider more body art until both she an my grandfather had passed.

As the chronology of my life would have it, Grandma passed just a couple of months before I began screening for this surrogacy journey. Well, any ink a lady gets puts her on hold for consideration by the agency for anywhere between 6-12 months. This is simply to ensure that you didn't contract any blood borne diseases as a result of the tattooing, and it is a solid rule. One that I am glad exists.

But I was so ready to be a surrogate (at this point I'd already been waiting 3 years) to wait another 6-12 months. So I decided to put the ink off a bit longer. It was a good choice. One I'm glad that I made.

But now the time draws near to where I am going to be free to get the tattoo. And, unlike my first bit of inking, it's really cool to know precisely what I want and where I want it. I've had the location picked our for a decade and the art for probably 2 solid years. It's so exciting to be so secure in that resolve and decision.

So now it's time to decide who does it. And when. I want to make sure that I don't come off as an unstable lady who has a kid for someone else and then runs off in an emotional whirlwind to get a tattoo. That consideration is part of the reason for this post, HA! Here it is on record, 6 weeks out from the birth, that I will do this sometime after the birth and that I've wanted to have it done for a decade prior.

I've asked my case worker if there are time limits I should stick to so far as waiting so as to not look like a flighty choice maker. We'll see what she says. I probably also need to wait till I'm done expressing breastmilk for the baby as well. Though I haven't read up on that either.

It's exciting to be so close to something I've waited on for so long. Just another sign that this ride is coming to a close very, very soon.

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