Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Humility Aside; I AM Special.

Many of you know my Aunt Becky. The best part about "AUNT" Becky, is that our relationship is just about as far from aunt/niece as I've ever seen.

Through my life she's been my stand in mother, my big sister, my best friend and my worst enemy. She's been there for each of my births, and was the natural choice to be there for the transfer of this pregnancy. She's expected to be present for this birth as well. Because how could I ever expect to do something so BIG with my life without her being right there for me?

Today Becky sent me this  link to this story about a baby born on Valentine's day via surrogacy. I read it. I cried. I realized I had forgotten just how special what I am doing here is.

I'm lucky to have found a network of other surrogates to share this experience with. I'm lucky my friends and family accept my choice so openly and totally. I'm just lucky.

But all this luck and easy pregnancy have lead me to be very comfortable with and close to surrogacy. The end result is that I tend to think of surrogacy as something everyone does. Everyday. In every state.

That's not the reality though. What is happening here is unique. It is special. It's life changing and Earth moving. It's a beautiful example of science in action. It's a textbook lesson in love.

I tend to not think myself anything or anyone special for what I'm doing. I like being pregnant. I love having babies. This just made sense for me to do. But, this is special. Humility aside, I think I should try to remember that.


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