Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Last Time I Gave Birth

Today marks two years since I had my last baby for keeps. I just can't believe little Emmy is already 2!!! So I thought I'd share the story of the last time I gave birth. And then on Valentine's Day I'll share the story of the first time I gave birth. :)

The day before Emmy was born I was at a birthday party for a friend. I was 38 weeks pregnant and I was in labor. I knew it, but it was early labor so there was no reason to not go to the party. I'm one of those lucky gals who is very tuned in to her body, and have known I was in labor both times from the moment it began. I've never confused false labor for real labor, I'm jut in tune with my uterus.

Anyway, I remember everyone at t

his party making bets on what the baby's birth date would be, and what the gender would be (we didn't know either). I remember having a private smile at the guesses, knowing each and every one of them was wrong and that I'd have a baby by that time tomorrow evening.

Once home Chris and I tried to have a movie night with Adelia because I knew it was going to be the last night we'd ever spend as a family of three. I wanted her to cuddle. She wanted to squirm. We gave up around 11 and I tried to sleep.

At 3 a.m. we decided to call in the sitter and head to the hospital.

At 4:30 a.m. the hospital decided I wasn't in labor and decided to send me home. I will never forget looking that nurse in the eye and saying something along the lines of, "How long is your shift? Because when I come back in later today to push this baby out, I want you to know it." I was so mad!

A couple of hours later Adelia woke up and we agreed to send Chris downstairs to keep her away from Momma because I didn't want her to see me in pain and get scared.

I remember timing contractions and texting a friend through them. About noon I had progressed to 2 minutes on, two minutes off. She was telling me to get back to the hospital. I finally realized that I was laboring alone like an animal and not like a human and went downstairs to tell Chris it was time to go back.

He hadn't checked on me in quite some time, and I think the change in my dealing with labor took he and Adelia by surprise. He had been in the process of making Didi lunch and couldn't understand if I wanted to feed her first or just go... and then the choice of where to take Didi... Chris is so used to my making the decisions that this process threw him for a loop.

In the meantime one of my worst fears came true. Adelia watched me go through several contractions. She was crying. I will never forget that. Even though I know she won't remember that, I'll never forget it. I still hate that she had to see her mother in that way without having the knowledge or maturity to understand what was really happening.

Once we got to the hospital my contractions were intense and almost as bad as they were when I started pushing with Adelia. Emrys came into this world with a fury, people.

Once up to L&D my second worst fear came true. My L&D nurse was a gal I knew from church. I had been terrified for 8 months that I'd deliver on her shift and that she'd see my gal parts and never my face again. She offered to send in another nurse, but in that instant I knew I wanted her there. And in truth, nothing could have wound up being more special to me.

At first check I was already 8cm. An epidural was NOT part of my birth plan, but my rest periods between contractions were shrinking and I was having a hard time catching my breath between them. I wimped out, we ordered the epidural.

Just like with Adelia, my water broke during the epidural placement.

The next time the nurse came to check me, I think it was 20 minutes or so, I was complete (10 cm) and ready to push. I pushed for two hours last time, so we didn't think there was a rush. She paged the doctor. I started to push.

Two pushes later she called for an OB.. ANY OB THEY COULD FIND... mine ran in just in time to catch Emmy and proclaim I had a second girl.

And there she was. 
Beautiful, healthy, blue eyed and perfect. 
Our family was complete. 

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