Thursday, January 9, 2014

Talk About it Talk About it Talk About it...

I love to talk to people about surrogacy. 

And I seem to be doing it more and more often. 

Just this week I've been contacted by 3 potential surrogates and one potential intended mother. WOW

I mean, how cool is THAT? This thing that I once thought was so crazy, so rare, so unheard of... and now I've got amazing people coming out of the woodwork to talk to little old me about it. 

It just blows my mind that my story, this blog, this experience is touching so many lives. That this story is impacting so many of YOU. Because I'm willing to bet that for every one person who is brave enough to talk to me about surrogacy, there are  five more thinking about it in silence. 

Do I think all of these people will follow through? Nope. I don't even want them to. That's not really my goal when I am talking to them.  This experience isn't for everyone. 

Just to be opening eyes and hearts is enough for me.  

Someone told me this week,

"I just wanted to share that I honestly thought you were completely crazy when I first read you were going to be a surrogate. Like, completely over the edge! However, I've been reading your blog and can I just say my opinion has completely changed? There are lots of stereotypes and before reading your blog- I believed them."

If I've received a better compliment (as it relates to this process) I can't recall it. Wow. Just wow. Thank you all for letting me, M, T and this little baby into your lives.That you for being open enough to consider something crazy like surrogacy. 

And keep the questions coming!!! 
In fact, feel free to email me with them. 
Maybe I'll post them here. 
Maybe I'll call you to chat.  

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