Friday, January 17, 2014

Making Friends

I really didn't expect to make friends in this process. 

I expected a solid relationship with whomever my IPs would be, but outside of that, I didn't expect much. I was more worried about LOSING friends over this, if truth be told.

But the reality of what I've received and continue to cultivate just takes my breath away.

I have much more than a solid relationship with my IPs, I have real world friends.

What really amazes me are the other surrogates that I've met through this process. One in Kansas whose husband happens to be friends with my cousin. What a small world. Girls from Maine to Florida. East coast to California and back again. Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Girls in my own backyard even, and now our daughters are "friends."

One made this for me, "Surro Sisters" 
I used to think surrogates were white unicorns in the sunset. Turns out, we're not that rare at all. We're all over the place, we're real people and, in my opinion, we're pretty damn cool.

Apart from the massive extended network of acquaintances I have gained, I feel like I've also gained some life long and deep friendships. I've bonded especially with two gals in particular.

I am evening planning a potential girls trip with one girl for next year sometime when we're both baby free.

Yes, I'm even planning a vacation with someone I've never even "met."

I know two other surros who did this earlier this year. I remember being equal parts jealous of their bond and terrified that one might kill the other. Because really,  how could two strangers get along so well so quickly and so absolutely?

But then it happened for me too.  

Yes, it started out that all we talked about was needles and baby making. But over the course of the past several months we have begun to share more parts of our lives. One gal I talk with daily, perhaps more than I talk with my husband. I hate that we live to many miles apart, because I think we'd be inseparable if we were closer.

I didn't expect to form these incredible bonds. And I don't think they've been forged because we're both surrogates, though that was the catalyst.

I'm just so happy to have been given more than I expected


  1. The surrogate world is truly incredible. So many amazing friendships formed! :-)

  2. I agree! Love all the surros I've met. Met a few in real life, and now I feel no matter where I go in the US, there just has to be a surro that I can meet up with. Haha! If you're ever in Cali, let me know. I'm always down for a meet up. :P