Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy V Day!

It's not a "B" day, but in the world on child cooking today is just as important. It's V day. So what IS  V day, anyway?

I am 24 weeks pregnant today. This, in most accepted OB circles, marks the earliest date at which this little joey could be born and have an expectation of survival outside of the womb. This very important day is often referred to as V day, or viability day.

This does not mean that baby is done cooking and that we're ready to meet her. Far from it. We'd like her to stay in there at least another 14-15 weeks. (OMG, IS THAT REALLY ALL THAT'S LEFT?) Being born now is not guaranteed survival, and would come with a lengthy stay in the NICU as well as potential health and development problems that would follow her through her entire life.

Wow. That sounds worth celebrating, right? 

So why is today a celebration at all? 

According to,

" The chances of survival increase with each day after 24 weeks, and the risks of complications decrease."

In fact, the odds of survival from this point increase by 2-3% per day for the next two weeks. At the conclusion of the next two weeks I will enter the third trimester (Again, when did this happen??) and a fetal survival rate in the 80-90% window along with it. 

For you visual learners, here's a cool chart: 

               COMPLETED WEEKS OF GESTATION AT BIRTH               
(using last menstrual period)
          CHANCE OF SURVIVAL              
21 weeks and less0%
22 weeks0-10%*
23 weeks10-35%
24 weeks40-70%
25 weeks50-80%
26 weeks80-90%
27 weeks>90%
30 weeks>95%
34 weeks>98%

So while we've still got a long ways to grow... we're getting there. And this baby is getting stronger everyday. Just ask my cervix. 

Hope you're REALLY ready, M&T... she's really coming. And go ahead and have a toast to this day. It's a big one. :) 


  1. I love the "v" day. Happy viability day to you all!

  2. I love your blogs Mandy. :)

  3. Congratulations Mandy! you are a great blogger!!