Friday, December 13, 2013

This post is brought to you by the letter T and the number 20

So I was chatting to Mandy today and she asked if we would write a guest blog before we leave Oz. Although there is plenty to write about, there is so much going on in our minds at the moment with the crazy end of year and all that goes with it, that I didn't know where to start.After giving it some thought, I was taken back to my childhood watching Sesame Street. And, ladies and gents, it seems this post is destined to be sponsored by the number 20.

- 20 days away from home (5 in Canada, 10 in Seattle, 3 in Portland, 2 days flying).

- 20 hours of flying to get to the Pacific Northwest (the price of living down under)-

20kg luggage allowance, which will filled with winter clothes and a few Christmas presents for our new extended family

- 20 degrees (f) in Whistler, which is where we'll be recovering from jet lag before arriving Seattle. This is seriously cold for us Aussies who are coming straight from an (albeit mild so far) Melbourne summer

 -20th December - the day we finally get to see Mandy and Chris, and meet their blondesters. Mandy mentioned recently that it feels like she is being visited by old friends... And it certainly feels the same for us too. It's so strange to think we have only spent 4 hours together in person and haven't even met their kids yet (who look like they will be SO MUCH FUN)

- 20 weeks - the very reason for this visit, the all-important 20 week scan. The halfway point. When gender is revealed, as well as a whole host of other important medical checks. The scan is booked for 27th December.

- 20 weeks from today (or thereabouts) we will be dads. Which, to be honest, still blows my mind. I think seeing Mandy's baby bump (and maybe even feeling a kick or two, hey, Jnr?) will start to make it seem very, very real.- lastly, funnily enough, Jnr will be the 20thmember of M's immediate family. And, having all sisters, the only one to keep their family name.

So that's a wrap. The next time you hear from us we will be stateside, with a whole lotta news to share. Stay tuned!

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  1. Enjoy your visit. Try and stay warm. It's been yup in 20's today a nice change from n the single digits.
    Happy Holidays to all.
    This is your Aunt Pepper in MIchigan