Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KICK Start To The Day!

My daily routine rarely changes by much. I start each morning with a parade of blondesters marching into my room, and always earlier than they should. Next they crawl into my bed and demand cuddles and cartoons. The amount of both varies by day.

This morning was no different. In they march at 6:56 (grrr), on goes Thomas, The Christmas special and cuddling commences.

This morning Adelia decided to really cuddle me. She put her head on my chest, which left her arm cradling my pregnant belly.

Then something out of the ordinary happened. 

Something amazing. 

The little Joey kicked. 




                                          FOUR TIMES. 

That folks, is probably the summation of every kick I've felt the entire 20 weeks combined.

And then Adelia moved and the kicking stopped. I tried to poke, prod and rub in the same areas where she was applying pressure and got no response.

Maybe the baby was hopped up on last night's cleaning chemicals.

Maybe, like everyone else who encounters her, Adelia had a magical effect on this baby.
Maybe he was playing with her.
Maybe he was telling her to MOVE.

I don't know... but either way, I finally felt more than the random kick. And with roughly 55 hours to go until Dads' arrival... the timing couldn't be more perfect. 


  1. I know you've been waiting for this, and I'm so glad it happened when it did!

  2. Yeah! Hoping you get the sh*t kicked out of you this weekend, lol