Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I am SO grateful

Just thinking about the upcoming visit some more, and reflecting on the fact that I'll be spending a LOT of hours with some folks I've only ever spent 4 hours of real life time with.

That's when I notice that my feelings are anticipation, excitement, and joy. This opposed to nervousness, apprehension, and fear.

The filmmaker following our journey asked me recently how I was handling the long distance between M,T, and myself and if I was  nervous for such a long visit. I told him the honest answer, "Nope. I feel like these guys are my family. I share things with them I otherwise only share with family or close friends. To my head and my heart, they could live across the lake... I'd likely see and talk to them no more than I do with them in Australia."

I'm not nervous about awkward silences, or discomfort in having them at my OBGYN visit (a place Chris has only ventured a few times himself). I am excited to watch T and Emrys bond, because he's so sure they will... to show them our favorite places around town, to try their Aussie style cooking and share a few laughs. Mostly, I am so excited to watch their faces as they see their son (..or daughter, i guess...maybe) move around on screen for the first time.

These are some great fellas. Wonderful friends. For that I must thank their mommas. Good job, ladies.

For the brilliance of this match I need to thank Growing Generations. Way to go team.

But for the ease and beauty of this relationship, I need to thank the guys.
Thank you for sharing your lives with me and my family. 

For all of this I am so , SO grateful. 

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