Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Weekend

The guys are going to be here for such a long period of time that making you all wait for one large (and lengthy) post visit wrap up post would likely be quite cruel. So, I'll just write a few smaller pieces instead. And as our first weekend together comes to a close, this seems like the ideal time for post umber one.

Two newly donned 12s
I must say that the best part about having them here has been watching how effortlessly they connect with my daughters. They both come from large extended families so I expected them to be good with kids. Even so, most non parents have this invisible bubble of personal space that surrounds them.
(Hell, I'm a mom of two and I even have it sometimes. I may or may not even loudly exclaim "DON'T TOUCH ME" when Emrys comes barreling for me whilst covered in ketchup. May. May not. )

Witness non existent non parent personal bubble
But not these two. After spending just an hour with the gals I caught T and Emmy blowing raspberries at each other in the car. Chris started to talk about how Aelia and Emrys really feed off each other... until T owned up to his shenanigans. :)

The next morning the first thing Adelia said to me in the morning was, "Where are M&T? When are THEY coming back?" Way to make a mom feel loved, kiddo... yeesh.

Not that it's any of my business to judge or contemplate how these two will be as parents once the Joey arrives, but watching them with my girls both Friday night and then today, I just can't wait to watch them in action with their own kids. It'll come so easily to them. They're going to shine. They're going to make other parents hate them for their ease, and other kids jealous because their parents just aren't that cool. I bet I'll even wind up consulting these two for parenting advise. Some people just get it. These guys just get it.

We took the guys out for a nice steak dinner Friday night, but the real highlight of our weekend was today's Seahawks game. Despite the Hawk's less than impressive performance, the 12s pulled together for a showing the guys aren't likely to soon forget. The guys were welcomed into the world of hot wings, loud fans and American football. We just all had such a blast together. I even got them both in Hawk gear. See photographic evidence.... M's mother... because I'm told such evidence is the only way you'd believe this had actually happened. ;)

Of course we talked legalities. And now the baby is kicking consistently. It was a good, good weekend.

Up this week? The big stuff. The gender reveal and BIG ultrasound.. meeting the doc, touring the hospital, Christmas, sessions with the film crew, and a few other golden nuggets I am not at liberty to discuss.

Hot wing. Beer. Football. And a Pregnant Lady. American Dream.
I am a very happy and very tired surrogate. 

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