Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Sweet Spot

Mandy tells us the second trimester is the sweet spot - the early pregnancy sickness, tests and worries have all passed; she's still a maneuverable size; yet the home stretch mayhem/excitement is still a couple of months away! It's really a case of 'no news is good news'.

For IPs though, it's a busy time as we rapidly move from the dream of becoming parents, to the reality of "this is really happening. In a little over 5 months!"
So with Mandy not having much to report, we thought we'd share some of our adventures since entering the second trimester.

The NT Scan.

We got the results back this morning and we have a 1 in 10,000 chance of a genetic abnormality. We're not betting men, but those are pretty good odds in anyone's books.  It's exciting to think the next scan will be at the halfway point - 20 weeks - and that we will be there in person for it.

We Are Moving. 

Although our current house is fine for minimalists like us (another thing we have in common with our surrogate and her family!), we could see us outgrowing it as soon as this little bean begins to walk. The idea of applying for a bank loan with one income terrifies us, but the idea of moving with a toddler terrifies us even more, so we decided to bite the proverbial bullet and move somewhere larger while we still have the luxury of time and money.

We Upsized Our Car. 

Our old two-door car wouldn't fit a child seat - no matter how hard we tried - so we have upgraded to a family car. To be honest, it feels a little empty with just the two of us, and a 5kg dog sitting in the backseat, but we it won't be long before it's filled with baby and all the parephenalia.

We Had a New Arrival. 

Welcome to the newest cousin!
M's sister had a gorgeous baby girl, which will be our baby's 14th cousin. His mum tells us we need to spend lots of time with her, practicing changing nappies and washing bottles. We think we will be happy waiting until we have our own baby to practice on!  It was very special holding her in our arms though; this is the first baby we've held since being pregnant ourselves, and will also be the closest in age to our child.  (We were also selfishly eying off her baby gear as they will hopefully become our hand-me-downs - don't judge us)

We Have Finalised Travel Plans. 

Tickets are booked and we leave in one month from today.  We fly into Vancouver and will spend a few days at Whistler recovering from jetlag (Mandy & Chris do NOT want to see us immediately after 22 hours of flying - believe me!).  We'll have 10 days in Seattle and can't wait to spend some time with our new extended family, to finally meet their 'Blondesters' and have some other fun adventures.  What makes it extra special is that we get to spend Christmas with them, and we're insisting Mandy puts her feet up while we cook lunch (but not until she's baked a peppermint cheesecake!). They have also talked us into watching a Seahawks game and eating something called 'hot wings' - for those who know us this is as adventurous as it gets!
So Mandy, enjoy this 'boring' time; as you can see we're more than making up for it down under!


  1. So, sweet! Congrats on your pregnancy! It's going to be so exciting for you!

  2. Where did the time go!!!!!! I can't believe you all are almost half way!