Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The NT Scan

Yesterday we had our 13 week NT scan. It's a combined ultrasound and blood test that measures the fluid in the spinal column as well as certain blood hormones. When paired, these results will give a hint into the probability of a child born with a genetic disorder like Down's Syndrome.

This is a test we never had done with either of our girls. It's a test I wouldn't ever opt to do, if we're being honest. On a personal level, I feel like I'd never abort an "abnormal" child, so all knowing that you're carrying an abnormal child would do for me, would be to ruin the next 6 months of pregnancy.

But, this isn't my baby. 
It's not my pregnancy. 
It wasn't my choice to make. 

Baby waving at Adela 
It's the first time in this process where I would have made a different choice than the guys, if this were my baby. Probably about time that happened, too. I am proud and pleased  to say that the difference in opinion on having the test didn't create any hard feelings or awkward moments. I didn't/don't harbor hard feelings towards the guys for wanting this test.

This is a brilliant sign. It highlights to me that I am able to separate emotionally that this isn't my baby, and these aren't my choices to make. And that I won't feel negative emotions if the parents choices aren't the same ones I'd make for my own babies. This, friends, is a very very good thing.

Even so, I was nervous as I've been yet as I laid there and the scan started. What IF we saw something bad?

The news was good though, folks. The genetic counselor saw nothing to be concerned about. Though we won't have official results for a week or so while they process the blood draw, they said it'd be surprising for anything to be flagged.

During the scan we got a lot of great profile views, and a clear vision of baby sucking his/her thumb a lot. I swear I could hear the baby asking me for another glass of milk. My number one craving. The best part of the screening was that I had my 4 year old with me. She kept saying, "Hi, baby!" And every time she did, the baby waved right back at her.

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