Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh The Planning

It's a good thing that my body craves organization like yours craves air.

Really... because prepping for this upcoming visit is taking a lot of preplanning and organization. Which, of course, makes me feel very needed, in control and useful.

I love it. 

During their 9 day visit we're squeezing in a LOT of things. Ultrasounds, hospital tours, social worker meet and greets, OB introductions, Christmas and all the traditions that come with and a few other American must dos (football, hot wings and beer... for them, not for me). It seems like almost every moment of every day is planned out. We've even found time for some surprises for the guys and a pair of date nights in there.

On top of all the other emotions... I feel so thankful for my AMAZING match. Because when I ask M if there is time to do yet another activity he says,

 "I don't know, let me check T's spreadsheet."

Sigh. A man after my own heart. 

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