Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh! Do You Know Them?

While I may not be "obviously" showing yet (truly, it depends on the day as to if I'm showing at all...) enough people know that I'm pregnant that they'e beginning to talk to me about it. The news that this baby is not mine is still regarded highly and often met with a mix of confusion and disbelief. And now, a new question is popping up quite a little bit.

"Oh! That's so wonderful, Do you know them?" 

The short answer for me is always, "Well, I do now!"

But that seems a bit evasive. I usually explain that, for matters of my heart and legalities, I felt it would be very difficult for me to be a carrier for someone I knew in real life prior to making this decision. At least for a first journey. I explain that we both used an agency to find one another, were expertly matched and have since become an extended family based on love and trust.

That's the real truth of it. I share tons of stuff with the guys. I mean, one of them knocked me up after all. They share their lives with me. We are family. There is love there. Does it matter how we met?

From the looks of people's faces, it must. There seems to be less honor in helping a "stranger." Or perhaps it's the fact that we met through a mediator? Let's call GG a "matchmaker" for this purpose. How many "families" today started as the result of a "matchmaker" like eHarmony, Match or

Maybe I should just start telling people I'm carrying for my brothers. 

Then let them sort out the plural. 


  1. I think people have a hard time understanding how a person could come to the decision to be a surrogate without actually knowing someone personally who needs the service. Perhaps I'll share the back story a bit, and that will help :)

  2. Oh goodness. I met my husband via I am an atheist, but attracted to financially "conservative" guys. I would end up with perfectly nice guys that were not compatible for long term relationships. I did not want to settle on the religion thing, especially with the desire to raise children. Narrowing down my choices to men who were truly more compatible on many levels was so much fun, interesting, and led me to finding someone that fit VERY well into long term relationship success. I see the match making process of what surrogacy agencies do very similar. It narrows down philosphical, personality and lifestyle differences for the journey success.