Monday, October 21, 2013

The Huffington Post

I just read an OP/ED short on The Huffington Post website. It really got me thinking. Here's a link to the story.

It praised surrogates and narrated the story of when the author found out a distant friend was preparing to be a G.S. She made a Facebook announcement, and the comments field went crazy. The author was stricken by one comment in particular that highlighted the compensation portion of this journey. The author said this must be the single most offensive thing you can ever say to a surrogate.

Once upon a time I believed the same thing. Here's a blog I wrote about it.

But now, several months later and nearing the end of my first trimester, my opinion has changed.

I feel like most people who assume we're in this for the money aren't being hateful. They're just uninformed. First of all they think we're getting 10 times the amount that we are. They also all assume we're working with A List celebrities. I have found that these people are open minded and willing to learn the error of their ways. Therefore, I'm no longer offended by compensation accusations.

What really offends me now, are the people who assume surrogacy and myself (as a surrogate) are going against religion. That the only people who would make good (biological) parents are those who are able to conceive and carry naturally. Perhaps that's because I've crossed paths with so many people in this journey who will make AMAZING parents. They are gay couples, straight couples, single parents, survivors of disease and leaders in their fields and communities. They'll make great parents.

All you really need to be a great parent is a heart willing to love. 

I'm not even angry with people who just don't believe in surrogacy, to each their own. It's the people who so vocally attack surrogates, intended parents and even the children born of surrogacy. I've not encountered these people in my own dealings just yet, but I know surrogates who have.

So in closing, I say thank you to my support network. Thank you to those who may support me, but not my decision, and thank you to the surrogates who do endure hate at the cost of their love.

And the worst thing you can say to a surrogate? That the people she believes in, the family she's sacrificing her body to help create, isn't worth its salt.

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  1. I just read this too. Not the comment I'd want to hear either.