Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slimming Down

I'm pregnant and losing weight. And it's great. 

I packed on ten pounds the 4 weeks leading up to the transfer. 10 freaking pounds people! In like a month! I was getting so scared of what I'd look like by 40 weeks pregnant. Hell, I was worried about what I'd look like at 12 weeks pregnant at that rate.

But, since transfer I've lost 8 of those ten. From what I'm told, most surrogates start their weight gain count at med start, because it doesn't usually come back down. So, I am one of the lucky ones.

This means I'm closing on 10 weeks pregnant and up 2 pounds. I'll take it.

Considering my appetite and inability to finish so much as a salad these days (I'm just NOT hungry) I think I'll wind up losing those last two pounds before I gain anymore. Again, I'll take it. M&T- This is GREAT news. I didn't gain a pound till week 14 with Emmy, despite being obviously pregnant. So nothing to worry about now.

Which brings on the next question.
 "Are you showing?" 

Well, I say no. But it could be any day, really. I didnt show until 19 weeks with Adelia. It was torture. With Emmy I was clearly showing at 14 weeks... which means if I follow the same schedule, I should pop on out any day. I love that part. When we stop playing, "Is she pregnant or just fat?"

I've shared a pic from last Sunday, 9w4d. I had just eaten a decent (for the moment) sized lunch, and no one was expecting to see the baby bump that we caught on camera. It was a shock. And by the time we lost welcomed this week's challenge, I was back to a flat front. So who knows. But for now, I'll keep the maintained (or slowly dropping) weight and slowly developing bump.

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