Monday, October 7, 2013

Alllllllllllllllll ABOARD

I leave in a little over two weeks for vacation. 
So what does this have to do with surrogacy?

Well, a lot it turns out. 

You see, I set sail on 10-23. And right now the plan is for me to STOP these darn PIO injections on 10-18. Of course, this could all change. But, I should be needle free by vacay. Which is sooooooooooooo nice. If I can't have fruity cocktail drinks, at least I don't have to take a second suitcase full of needles and oils and ice packs and .... drumroll please..... heating pads.

Because that's where the real issue is here. A heating pad.

There is some chance that my RE will extend my PIO time until after my cruise since I'll be out of contact with a monitoring clinic so soon after my injections stop. And heating pads onboard are against Carnival policy. Crap.

So, I've logged an inquiry with Carnival, in writing, requesting permission to bring my heating pad aboard along with doctor's orders deeming it necessary medical equipment.

I'm sure Kolb would write the note. But it'd be easier if he'd just axe the injections. Fingers crossed!

11 needles to go.

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  1. How fun!!!!! FX you can stop the injections. That would be no fun at all.