Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So, How Far Along ARE you??

Yup, that's what a lady asked me yesterday. 

Not, "Are you pregnant?" 
"Did you just have a large and delicious lunch?" 

But rather, "How far along are you? 3, 4 months?" 

I thought: Months? MONTHS? Lady, we're still counting in weeks, occasionally days here!
I said: Oh, just over two.

Which, by the way, is a complete and total lie. We're 6 weeks tomorrow.

I am up 6 pounds. And I am happy about that, considering the day after transfer (and the entire following week) I was up 10-11 pounds. Even so, I do NOT think I look 12-16 weeks pregnant.

Here is what I know:

  • You show earlier with each pregnancy.  With Adelia I was 19 weeks... Emmy it was 14 weeks..
  • You show earlier with twins. So if this is... and I do show earlier than with Emmy.... 
  • Popular opinion says you show earlier if conceived through IVF. 
  • I was wearing low rise jeans (because of tender injection sites still)
  • I wasn't wearing a cami under my fitted shirt. 
  • I had just eaten pizza. 
  • I was sitting in an awkward position. 

But more than all of that, I know this. 

This baby(ies) is the size of a sesame seed. It aint showing.

There exists a rule in the universe about this sort of thing. It goes a little something like this, "Don't ask a woman if she's pregnant. Ever. Never, ever ask that. Even if she's wearing a Tshirt that says 'I am 45 weeks pregnant with quintuplets.' Don't ask if she's pregnant. It could be an old shirt."

Why don't people ever follow the rules? 


  1. Oh wow! I think you handled that well without punching the woman ;-)
    Some people have no idea!!!!!

  2. LOL! Don't you hate when you hear that and realize the baby is only the size of a sesame seed? I show way early. I just blame it on the cookies. Darn cookies are so yummy!

  3. Hilarious! I realizes a while ago that low rise jeans were the enemy! I wonder what your face looked like when you answered. Please tell me the film crew was there to capture this moment ;)