Sunday, September 1, 2013

Playing With My Pee

In the surrogacy and IVF world, it is common to POAS (Pee on a stick... home pregnancy test) about 5 days after your transfer. This is just about as early as humanly possible to get a positive at home pregnancy test. Even a positive at this phase is a ghost line... barely visible to the naked eye.

So since I'm 6 days past transfer now, lots of you have asked me, "So Mandy, are you pregnant?" I'm sure even more of you are wondering if I've played with my pee just yet.

So, have I done it?
Will I share the results?

Not yet is probably a better answer. I am taking pictures of each day's stick (no matter the read) and will eventually post a collage of urine sticks. Boy, if that's not sexy I'm not quite sure what is....

So why the secrecy?

Of my two daddies to be, one wants daily urine updates (boy, if that's not sexy....) while the other prefers to wait until the beta (blood draw pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy hormone levels) to know the results of the transfer.

So, while daddy #1 and I will be paying very close attention to my urine samples over the next 8 days, daddy #2 needs to be kept blissfully in the dark. So I can't post any results here be they positive OR negative.

Patience my friends, patience. 


  1. argh! that is JUST not fair! ;)

  2. Keep us updated about the result. I'm wishing you good luck with your pregnancy. May you deliver a beautiful angel.

    Best Regards,
    Kunik Goel
    Surrogacy In India

  3. Ah! The suspense!!! Wishing you and the two daddies a very big positive!