Friday, September 27, 2013

It's been a minute!

Hello, blog world!
I have internet and a laptop at the new home!!! Even if I am hijacking my neighbors unsecured wifi... I'm still online.

So, the brief updates have told the tale. We are most certainly pregnant with one little blip. I must admit that I am a bit dissapointed that we didn't get two. I've wanted to carry twins with each pregnancy, and each time I've been told no. Maybe my body just isn't up to the challenge. Either way, I know that we are incredibly lucky to have had any egg stick and stay on a first transfer. So, I'll take it.

The heart rate was 126 bpm. Given my experience carrying two girls, I'm going on record early in calling that the boys will be having a SON.

Both my girls had heart rates closer to 160 at this age. I also craved sweets with the girls, which was odd considering I don't have much of a sweet tooth to start with. This time my already diminished sweet tooth is even further gone. I'm craving anything salty.Which, to be fair, is probably not the best thing for me considering I'm a sodium-aholic in my regular life. The good thing is, pickles only have 5 calories each. And Olives are filling. And salt is calorie free. Thankfully I have really low blood pressure and I can handle the extra sodium intake. Mmmmm Olives.

The tech did note a black spot on the reading that could either be pooled blood or an empty sac. That's my guess. And the nurses guess. Bittersweet really, because that's what happened with Emmy too. :( But dear God... two Emmys.... I can hardly wrangle the one!

Anyway, I go back Friday for the next screen to make sure that little blip clears up on it's own.

Next step? Med release. My hiney can hardly wait.

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