Monday, September 30, 2013

It Could Have Been Me

I have a few friends in the surrogacy world who are sincerely struggling to become pregnant. It's so hard to watch them and to read their journeys. They all say similar things, "I'm so fertile! It was never hard for me to get pregnant on my own!"

I said the same things.

Truth is, personal fertility has nothing to do with IVF fertility. If you've been a long time reader of this blog, you'll know that I have a severely tilted uterus. My OB was concerned I'd not be able to find an RE willing to work with such a slump. He even said, "It looks like a deflated balloon, Mandy."

I was afraid I'd fail med screening. But HRC and Dr. Kolb said, "no problem."
For your mental imagination

Then, at transfer, Dr. Kolb said, "WOW! Your uterus is severely tilted!"


I was actually a bit afraid he'd cancel my transfer on the table. In front of M, T, B, the film crew and everyone.  But the eggs went in, and one stuck.

But, my story could have gone the completely other direction. Just like my surrosisters who are struggling... I could have been struggling. It could have just as easily been me.

But it wasn't. It's not. I'm pregnant. I'm making dreams come true.

I was once told that only 67% of first transfers take. So really, this transfer taking (while no surprise to me) is great news. Lucky news. Fortunate news.

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